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CR 300-M12F140-222

ID: 70370-222

3 ton flat head rotator, 140×140 flange and BSP 3/8″ connectors

Technical specifications
Rotation angleunlimited °
Max rotation pressure (R)250 bar
Max working pressure grapple open (GO)200 bar
Max working pressure grapple closed (GC)300 bar
Capacity330 cm3
Torque (250 bar)900 Nm
Max axial load (static)30 kN
Max axial load (dynamic)15 kN
Weight21 kg
Connections bottomG1/4
ConnectorsBSP 3/8
Stud boltsM8
Stud bolts tightening torque40 Nm
Flange boltM20
Flange bolt tightening torque660 Nm
Maximum oil flow20 lpm
Downloadable documents
Technical drawing pdf | 190.40 KB