About Us

Finn-Rotor has been designing and manufacturing high quality hydraulic devices for the forest and cargo industry since 1978. We are the originator and the original manufacturer of hydraulic rotator with unlimited rotation. Since the beginning our main products have been the famous FR and CR rotators and since 1990’s our CRV and FRV hydraulic control valves.

Our history

In Finn-Rotor we have been working with the forest industry through three generations. Our grandfather travelled to Canada with his brother in the early 1900’s to work on logging to chase the dream and to maintain his family. Unfortunately his brother was killed in a tragic accident when he was crushed by a falling tree. Since the accident our grandfather had a very strong view of safety in forest work through his life and he taught the safety first mentality to his children.

Years later his son worked in the forest industry as a forest machine driver. It gave him the idea to develop a suitable loader that would work on a farm tractor. In the 1970’s, loaders cycle to and from was designed while sitting on a stump.

But the biggest nut to crack when it comes to usability, was going to be the bucket. It had to be able to spin around without tangling hoses. That is how the idea of unlimitedly rotating rotator was born.

After nearly two decades of manufacturing hydraulic rotators we thought that we can do even more. If we could make such an elegant and strong rotator, why not make the controlling of the whole loader as smooth and accurate too. We started to manufacture our own original design of hydraulic control valves in the end of the 1990’s. Since then we have also expanded to multiple designs of brake links that make the controlling of the load even better.

Quality and environment

The quality and environmental friendliness of our products and manufacturing processes has always been the number one priorities in everything we do. The quality and environmental systems of our company are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards since the 1990’s.

Product development

Continuous development of our internal design, quality and manufacturing processes make sure that our customers will always get the highest quality product on the market. We also continually find new ways to offer our customers more comprehensive service as we value strong and close partnership that lasts for years and years just like our products.