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Our new products in Elmia

We introduce our new products in Elmia 2013. New models for CR F – Flange rotators – are CR 300 F140, CR400 F140 sekä CR500 F173. Download brochure for CR F rotators.

We are also happy to introduce the whole new CRH product family. Rotators for CRH series are CR 800H, CR 1000 HX and CR1200 HX. Download brochure for CR H rotators.

CR and FR rotators are also represented. Download brochures below.
Brochure for CR A rotators
Brochure for FR rotators

FRV Valve

From our valve product line the FRV 60 valves are represented. New feature for FRV series is the CRV104 control sticks for hydraulic low pressure pre-control. Download brochure for FRV valves.