Finn-Rotor Club

We are all the time working to make our customer experience even better and the latest thing we’ve come up with is the Finn-Rotor Club for our customers.

Finn-Rotor Club is a customer loyalty program that we are starting during 2018.

As a club member you register your Finn-Rotor products with their serial numbers for even faster warranty service. You will also receive your own customer profile to which you can log in on our site. From your profile you will find the products you have registered and their service programs, compatible accessories and spare parts. You also receive information and exclusive offers for products we think will fit your needs.

We are in early stage so register right now to be the first one in when our service is published!

Join The Club

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  • Your needs

  • Give additional information about your products, situtation or needs. Hopes and ideas are welcome too.
  • Your permission

    If you opt in, we will send you special offers few times a year and information about our new products. If you want, you can opt out and receive only email considering your product registration and Club membership.